What to Expect From Your First Surf Lesson

Before my first surf lesson I was nervous and scared of not knowing what to do. I really wanted to learn to surf but felt intimidated and conscious about wearing a wetsuit. I found learning to surf with a group of friends made me more confident.


It was really worth taking a couple of lessons with a surf school to get the basics under my belt. My first surf lesson was two hours long which went really fast. The step by step instructions and patience of the instructors made me feel at ease. It was freezing cold, the waves were choppy and I kept falling off my board. I wasn’t able to stand up on the board by my first lesson or my second but I didn’t expect to.

On a buzz from my first experience of surfing I bought my own wetsuit and a 7″4 Stewart Funboard. Usually a beginner is advised to buy a second hand board but I managed to negotiate a good deal with a local surf shop. I also knew for sure that surfing was something I wanted to continue with.