Surfing and BodyboardingThe BSA (British Surfing Association) is the national governing body for surfing and bodyboarding. For further information, accredited training centres and recognised schools visit or contact 01637 876474.


As well as the basic safety equipment, you’ll need the following kit to get started:

  • board – when selecting a board you need to consider your height, weight and ability. When starting out, a soft foam board is ideal as it is thick and wide, making it easier to float, paddle and catch waves.
  • leash – always wear one around the ankle of your back foot so you don’t lose your board if you fall off!
  • wax – apply this to the deck of your board to give you grip.
  • fins – these are vital when bodyboarding to help you catch waves and swim against strong currents.



  • follow the advice of the lifeguards
  • wear your leash so you don’t lose your board
  • check your equipment for damage before use
  • bodyboard between red and yellow flags but surf
  • between the black and white flags
  • consider other water users − learn surf etiquette and rights of way.


  • ditch your board − it will keep you afloat in an emergency and make you easier to find
  • go alone
  • get on the water in conditions above your capability