Surf Lesson 5: Getting into the Water

Your now ready to get into the water and learn how to correctly paddle through oncoming waves. This may sound scary at first but the faster and harder you paddle through the wave the more chance you have of getting through it.

Once you’re in the water lay on your board in the correct position, balance yourself and begin to paddle away from the shore. Keep the nose of the board an inch or two above the water. If you’re unsure of your board positioning check Lesson 2: Board Position.

When paddling through the whitewater, use the push up method. The push up method involves planting your hands palms face down on the rails. As the wave approaches, slightly push up onto your knees and toes. Once you are halfway through the wave, assume the paddling position and continue on.

If you approach a wave that is about to break, you will have to go through it.

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