Surf Lesson 4: How to Pop-Up

When you begin learning to surf you will spend a majority of your time in the water paddling and trying to catch a wave. Once you have caught a wave, you need to push yourself up to the standing position – this transition is called the pop-up.

Lie on your surfboard with your body in the correct position. Place your hands on the rails, level to your chest line and bring your elbows back as if you’re about to do a push-up. It’s now time to pop-up.

With your palms facing down on the rails and your toes at the end of your board push up using the strength in your shoulders and spring off your toes.

Bring your front leg up to the centre of the board and twist your hips at the same time so that you’re in a crouched position.

Practice this movement on the beach first until it feels natural.

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