Surf Lesson 2: Board Position

You’re now ready to head to the beach and get your feet wet, but first you need to learn how to position yourself on a surfboard. It’s probably best to practice this on the beach before you head out into the water.

To begin with place your board on the sand (in this case, on the floor) and lay on it stomach first. Make sure that your feet are touching the end of the surfboard and the nose of the board is level with the sand. If the nose of the surfboard is sticking up, move forward. If the nose is pointing into the sand, move towards the bottom of the board.

Surf Lesson 2: Board Position - Correct board position

Correct board position

Ideally you want to lay in the middle of the surfboard with your chest just above the centre point. Most people tend to lean back towards the tail of the board causing the nose to rise. This will create resistance when your in the water and make it harder to paddle. Positioning yourself too far forward will cause the nose to sink.

Surf Lesson 2: Board Position - too far back

Incorrect board position

Now that you’re balanced on the surfboard you need to paddle. Extend your arm forward with your hand cupped and drag the water backwards bending your elbow at the same time. Move one arm forward at a time, not both at the same time. The more resistance you create with your hands the faster you will move.

Lesson 2: Board Position - paddling

How to paddle

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