Surf Lesson 1: Knowing Your Surfboard

Assuming you have never surfed before or had any surf lessons it’s best to explain the anatomy of a surfboard first.

Whether you’re learning to surf on a traditional hardboard or soft board (foamie), they both have basic things in common: a deck, a bottom, a nose, a tail and rails.

Learn Surf School - Lesson 1: Knowing your Surfboard

First things first, it may seem blindingly obvious, but a surfboard sits in the water deck-side up. The bottom of a board sits ocean-side down with the fins facing down into the water.

  • The deck is where the surfer stands or lays to paddle. Wax is applied to the top of a surfboard for grip. Often a surfer will also use a traction pad for extra grip.
  • The front of the board, usually rounded, is called the nose. This is the bit that faces forward and sits out of the water.
  • The tail is the bottom of the board. It is often available in different shapes; each shape provides different board performance. This is where you will find the leash plug and attach the leash to the surfboard.
  • The edges of a surfboard are the rails; they run from nose to tail. Similar to tail shapes, different rail shapes provide different surfboard performance.

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