My First Surf Lesson


I have always been fascinated by the ocean and wanted to learn to surf, but never had the confidence to tackle it alone. After making new friends at university I gained the confidence to give it a go. I called up my local surf school and booked myself in for a two morning sessions each lasting two hours.

Our first lesson began with learning how to put on a wetsuit. Not the most flattering item of clothing a girl could be wearing, but it kept me warm, the water was freezing! In a group of five girls to one instructor we all struggled to get into our wetsuits. About fifteen minutes later, after lots of pushing, pulling and giggling I eventually looked the part.

Once we were all suited, it was time to get booted. No pun intended. The instructor explained to us why we wore boots with our wetsuits and how to put them on. I am glad we did, they kept my feet warm and the beach was quite a trek so they were definitely worthwhile.

Dressed in the correct attire we were taught the pop-up technique step by step in an indoor sandpit. Our instructor explained foot by foot how to stand up on the surfboard and which foot to put forward. Your strongest foot is considered your front foot. It’s the one that you would kick a football with, so for me it’s my right. Right foot forward means I am a goofy foot.

With the pop-up heavily rehearsed it was time to head down to the beach. One by one we walked into the sea until the water was waist deep. The instructor then pushed us back to the shore whilst shouting the pop-up instructions I had learnt on dry land. One knee, two knee and I am off the board. I spend a majority of my lesson falling off the board and under the water but it was a lot of fun!

I went back for my second lesson a week later where I continued to practice the pop-up.