Health and Fitness


Before you get in the water it’s important to consider your personal fitness as the sea can be a very demanding environment.

Swimming is one of the best year-round activities to help prepare your body so we’d recommend you get in the pool and start practising now!

Just be aware that sea swimming can be more challenging than the pool so before you start a watersport it’s worth jumping in between the red and yellow flags and familiarising yourself with the conditions.


Be Sun Smart

It is vital to consider the effect of the sun when spending time in the water. Despite the unreliable weather in the UK there is a high risk of sun-related conditions such as dehydration, heat exhaustion and sunstroke in the short term, and skin cancer in the long term.

  • Always wear SPF factor 30 and above waterproof sun cream. Reapply frequently
  • Drink plenty of fluids as you dehydrate faster while exercising
  • Consider taking a rest and seeking shade during the hottest part of the day.

Surf Hire Safety logoSurf hire safety scheme

In recent years, over 40% of RNLI lifeguard incidents were boarding related. This joint venture between the RNLI and the British Surfing Association aims to reduce such incidents. Scheme members have agreed:

  • to only rent out equipment suitable to your ability
  • to provide safety information to all customers
  • to check equipment regularly for damage
  • to maintain adequate insurance.

So look out for the logo and choose a scheme member when hiring your board. For more information visit

Weever and jelly fishTREATING A STING


If you feel a sharp scratch on your foot while in the water that becomes more painful you may have stood on a weever-fish! Don’t panic but find a lifeguard for treatment. If there’s no lifeguard, place the affected area in water as hot as is comfortable. Test the water first so you don’t cause scalding.


Do not rub a jellyfish sting, as this will cause the pain to intensify. Lightly spray the area with seawater and apply a cold compress if available. If you spot a jellyfish, you can report it to the Marine Conservation Society at