Basic Surfing Rules

Here are a few basic and common sense surfing rules to help keep everyone in the water safe.

Don’t Drink and Surf: Like driving, surfing under the influence of alcohol is not a good idea.

Be Aware: Be aware of surfers around you and others in the water. Acknowledge your position and the surf conditions.

Stitch Alert! As with swimming and most physical exercise, do not go surfing for at least 45 minutes after a meal.

Fun: The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun! This is the biggest rule of all.

Learn Surf School: Basic Surfing Rules

Hold on, Don’t Ditch! If you’re paddling out, then hold on to your surfboard, don’t put anyone behind you at risk. In HUGE surf it is occasionally acceptable to ditch your board to avoid a massive beating – but as learner your probably shouldn’t be out there anyway.

Right of Wave: Always make sure your not dropping in on someone else’s wave. If a surfer is already riding the wave then it’s taken. Check Surfing Etiquette: DO’s and DON’Ts for more information on wave priority.

Respect: Always respect the beach and the locals of the spot you are visiting.

R.I.Ps: It’s called a R.I.P for a reason. If you get caught in one you may not make it back to land but do not panic! If you don’t know already a rip is a strong current that usually goes straight out to sea. Paddle across the rip (not against) until you have escaped.

Slap it On: Always wear sun cream. You will soon learn how important it is after a few hours in the water without it.

Surf Buddy: Surf with a mate. Not only will you have much more fun catching waves but if anything were to happen you will have someone to help you out.

Surf Conditions: Check the surf before you go. As a beginner you want to be going to spots with quieter, calmer waters. If you’re visiting an unfamiliar spot, ask a local.